Busking Pitch Points in Asheville

Established places to Busk in Asheville

Listed are the most popular points to Busk in Asheville, NC
Some folks pitch in other places when its very busy and these spots are taken, these are popular but not necessarily limited to this listing! This is a general overview to answer general questions. Any questions email cheatummilo at gmail or contact Asheville, NC City Hall.

Remember, busking is legal but not permitted within 50′ of any bank entrance
Note: According to City Ordinance, busking is legal and panhandling is strictly prohibited. It is considered panhandling to suggest or ask for money. Busking is leaving a container for tips which is perfectly fine as long as you are not asking. You may do that and have no problems, just letting you know the way the law states to avoid any problems for you or fellow buskers.
All Pitch areas are not specified as busking area, and are first come, first served.
Some areas are usable only after business hours, or specified times…. if unsure it doesn’t hurt to ask, most everyone in Asheville is courteous.

Popular Busking locations in Asheville, NC

1-***** Patio at Pack Square, located where Broadway Ave corners Patton Ave. Very busy area, large patio area facing several restaurants which have outdoor dining. This is a large open area, suitable for larger acts. High Volume traffic weather/climate relevant (this area is very busy in warm weather).
2-** Some busk along Patton Ave between Pritchard Park and Broadway Ave in various spots. High traffic, sometimes congested.
3-***** Corner of College St and Haywood St, across from Pritchard Park.
4-**** Woolworth Walk storefront. The sidewalk area here is somewhat narrower, thus a larger act must spread across parallel, either back to store window or facing window from street. There is a tree and small foliage garden there adjoining street. This area draws crowds with good results.
5-***Malaprop’s Bookstore/CafĂ©. 55 Haywood St. Asheville, NC 28801. This is limited space, usually used by single or duet acts.
Malaprop’s usually host book authors on Sunday afternoon’s between 2-4 PM. They ask that buskers not busk during that 2 hour window. This is a good place to busk, especially for single acts.
6-*** Kim’s Wig Shoppe, on Haywood St. after hours. ie Friday nights, Saturday nights sometimes Sundays. This is approximately 35′ from corner which is one of the first to be taken. Here you may be busking, someone may be busking 35′ to your right on the popular corner, AND you may have people busking directly across the street at Woolworth. It does happen!
7-**** The Big Iron at the corner of Battery Park Ave and Wall St. Decent space moderately busy traffic, great backdrop.
8-*** Across from Grove Arcade, corner of Battery Park Ave and Page Ave. Moderate traffic.
9-*** Prichard Park as much as it appears to be the prime location, buskers rarely use this space as tourists do not habitate here. Prichard Park also hosts the “Drum Circle” on Friday nights which ends at 10PM (I think). If you are playing the corner across from at that time, be aware that the park will host normally minimum of 100 drummers which can be hard to perform without amplification if you have musical act.

Wherever you decide to pitch your act, plan on having a thrilling and enjoyable time.
Don’t expect a certain amount of gratuities in tips. It all depends on the moment you create with your audience.
Be courteous to other buskers. Someone may ask how long you are going to play a spot. A courteous gesture would be to limit a performance to 2 hours for a spot, then take a break and pitch another location.
Dress the part. If you are performing take it seriously, and plan your song menu. Your appearance is impacting of your performing.
If your instrument requires sitting that is proper. Some consider sitting disrespectful to the audience and unprofessional.
A dance or stylish movement can brings life and drama to an act.

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